Can victory of Sardar Ayaz Sadiq pull PML-N out of disarray?

nawaz sharifLately, I have noticed the sudden hike in traffic at my website, visitors particularly from outside Pakistan exploring various types of threats and possibility of ‘election engineering’. The highest numbers of visits are of course from USA followed by China, Russia, Germany and other European countries.

I have reasons to believe their eagerness because after the announcement of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), foreign investors are actively exploring investment potentials in Pakistan. Some of the geopolitical analysts termed NA-122 election crucial because the PML-N defeat could have raised serious repercussions for its government.

The ongoing rift among PML-N ministers shows cracks in the party headed by Mian Nawaz Sharif, creating the history of becoming Prime minister of Pakistan for the third time. Allegations of corruption are also being leveled against three of the largest political parties ruling federal and provincial governments: PML-N, PPP, and PTI. The worst criticism against PML-N is due to its failure in overcoming energy crisis.

The matter of the fact is that Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has once again emerged victorious. Does this prove the allegations of rigging/election engineering were incorrect? Interestingly it is also being said that Imran Khan suffering from illusion completely ignored the fact that Ayaz has repeatedly won from this constituency of National Assembly. Defeating him was not an easy task as PML-N has to ensure his victory at any cost to prove that it had not stolen the public mandate.

The outcome of recent elections in some of the constituencies of National and Provincial Assemblies show that PPP, PTI and even PML-N face disgruntled voters. While PTI was considered a bankable political party, its failure in KPK province has certainly disappointed many of its supporters.

Since 2013 elections were marred by killing of activists of select political parties, it was feared that the history may also be repeated. Barring some minor incidents the entire process completed peacefully. The only regret is that many of the television channels played partisan role and a fruitless debate is still going on.

Being a third world country, rigging and election engineering can’t be ruled out in Pakistan. Supporters and fund providers to political parties play a key role even in the most developed countries. In Pakistan election process is further marred due to poor literacy and active involvement of feudal lords and business tycoons.






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