Celebrating 50 years of 1965 war

pakistan-flagIt is heartening to note that this year 6th September is being celebrated with great fervor. While most of Pakistanis thank All Mighty Allah for protecting Pakistan from external aggression, I was not amazed to read a comment “We had lost war in 1965”. One should not forget snicks have always prevailed, though in minority but they play the role of creating confusion and discontent.

By the grace of Allah I am more than 62 years old, witnessed 1965 and 1971 wars besides uncountable border firing cases. Let me reiterate that extremist Hindus have not accepted partition of subcontinent and are adamant at destroying Pakistan. The repeated assaults on Pakistan prove that these extremists have not been able to achieve their ultimate objective of eliminating Pakistan from the world map.

Having said that, it is also to be taken into account that in Pakistan various militant groups are busy in sabotage in the name of religious fanaticism, self-proclaimed discontent and target killing of religious scholars, academicians and social figures that raise voice against the terrorists and demand weeding out of these highly undesirable elements.

Being a student of geopolitics, who has been closely watching proxy wars being fought around the world, I can say without mincing words that the super powers create issues, assemble rebel groups, and provide those funds, arms and training. They also prepare hawks that spread disinformation and create hatred among people belonging to different religions and sects.

Pakistan has been fighting a proxy war in Afghanistan for more than four decades and has faced the worst fallout. Its social fabrics is torn, millions of militants are hibernating in Pakistan (they wear different caps) and using residents of areas as human shields. These culprits also enjoy support of local political, sectarian and linguistic group as they play the role of ‘militant groups’ of these outfits.

These are not Jihadist but hardcore criminal and blood thirsty people. They kill people for money and only for money. Their sanctuaries are located in Punjab, KP and Baluchistan provinces and keep coming to Sindh. One wonders what the people posted at various check points are doing to check and contain movement of these culprits.

Since 9/11 millions of people have been killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Sudan and Pakistan. Most of these countries do not suffer from any serious internal conflicts but those inculcated and groomed by super powers.

The apathy of super powers and support for the aggressor is evident from funding of ISIS to topple Asad in Syria, presence of biggest open air prison in Gaza, Palestine and Kashmir issues remaining unresolved for more than half a century.

Let every Pakistani stand up and help in weeding out the culprits. Keep a close watch at your surrounding and never allow any suspected to find a refuge in your locality. Develop interfaith harmony so that none can mislead you in the name of religion, Islam does not teach killing.


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