Pakistan’s friends and foes

It is not a cliché but the harsh and cruel reality that Pakistan faces the most difficult time and its very existence is in danger. Many countries face external threats but their people stand united and fight to avert the worst.

Pakistan has everything but its people just can’t be termed a nation. At the best they can be termed ‘clusters of people have vested interest which are often contradictory and opposite.

Thanks to the political leadership that has the sole objective of coming into power no matter how? They want to please the external forces that are notorious for dislodging and installing regimes around the world, external powers have the sole objective of getting control over resources of these countries.

We are never tired of saying that Pakistan is rich in agriculture, minerals and even energy products. It is located on the centuries old trade corridor and it is gateway to many countries, especially energy rich central Asian countries.

It also has more than 1250km long coastline, the largest man-made irrigation system and above all country has a population of more than 200 million that not only offer a huge market but also hardworking manpower. Therefore, be it an aspiring regional power or an established super power, the first attempt is to keep the people subjugated and exploitPakistan’s agricultural and natural resources.

It is often said that the British Raj invested a lot in areas which now comprise of Pakistan, which is true but also has a selfish motive. It took away cotton, wheat and spices from subcontinent and sold its finished products here.

Though, the much talked about colonialism is said to be over but now exists in its worst form. Previously East India Company exploited the area and now there are Fortune-500 companies ripping off the people around the word, and Pakistan is one of them.

If USSR attacked Afghanistan to get access to the warm waters, now super powers are making in road from coastline and trying to reach landlocked energy rich countries. India, under the patronage of United States has built Chabahar port in Iran and also constructing road and rail links up to the Central Asian countries via Afghanistan.

While Pakistan is being threatened of dire consequences it goes ahead with Iran-Pakistan pipelines, United States is encouraging India to invest in Iran, may be it is planning 50 years down the lane when its effort to fragment Pakistan and Iran would be fruitful.

The only regret is that nations try to frustrate desires of external forces but in Pakistan there are groups which encourage or even invite external powers to get their dreams come. East Pakistan would have never become Bangladesh without the conspiracies of politicians, who initiated armed revolt there with the help of India.

Let one point be very clear that Bengalis were not traitors. They took active part in the independence movement but some of the ruthless rulers pushed them to the wall. A similar condition is also being created in Balochistan, which is fully supported by the United States.

The bottomline is instead of cursing the external powers let us find out embedded enemies who are trying to fragment Pakistan. First they divided the nation on the basis of language and are now busy is flaring up sectarian hatred. External forces are using centuries old strategy ‘divide and rule’ and all of us are falling in that trap. These external powers are not friends of Pakistan but adamant at fragmenting the country.