US – The biggest Arm Seller

Civilian Suffurings in Syria
I am one of the millions of people who fail to understand why conflicts are created and allowed to grow that often lead to anarchy, civil war and war among the countries.
One of the hypotheses is that when conflicts between rulers and being ruled grow the story starts with peaceful demonstration, when often get violent and soon it becomes ‘free for all’.
Lately, the uprising in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has become a thorn as super powers are taking active part in dethroning or consolidating the positions of rulers. Whatever is happening in Bahrain is being condoned but arms and funds are being supplied to rebel groups in Syria, the same was done in Libya in the recent past. Earlier efforts were made to develop rebel groups in Iran.
One of the conspiracy theories is proxy wars of the super powers is fought by smaller countries, the most notorious being Afghanistan. The United States prepared Taliban to defeat USSR and the war continued for nearly a decade because warlords started claim in booty.
According to one of the latest reports during 2012 the United States will make a record sale of armaments to the world but Saudi Arabia has emerged the biggest buyer. Is this the preamble of another attack on Iran? People still have in their memories that when Iraq attached Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia supported his war mania.
I have read somewhere a quote that over the next five years, seven Muslim countries may come under attack, the most probable top two being Pakistan and Iran. The saga is likely to start once withdrawal of Nato solider from Afghanistan starts in 2014. It is believed that military hardware will be kept in Afghanistan and can be used against these two countries.


  1. Kazmi Sahab, writing a comment about your article is like showing Chiragh to the Sun, its a honor for me to read your worthy article and get immense knowledge and understanding regarding the particular topic. any way…. a superb piece to read.

  2. I totally agree with you Sir. There is indeed a chance of proxy war between the muslim countries. We do have the same religion but there is a difference of mindset and the political conditions. It is feared that in the coming years, muslim countries could be the one stuck in the war premises

  3. Shahzad Hassan But has sent the following message at my facebbok account
    I must say Article Writing is so good by Shabbir Kazmi. Good effort!
    He can put more value if he is properly trained. Sky is not so high, I swear. Zara Num honay ki dair hay.

  4. As I said on some other blog, The Capitol Hill does not represent the people of America but Zionist owned and dominated Industrial Military Complex and other Corporations. By making people fight they generate business; the puppets that they install in target countries, lose touch with reality and do not work for the people and the country. They bring in more hardships for the people as is happening in Pakistan.

    All options are closed by the ruling elite that forces the people on the streets that can take the shape of anarchy and destroy Pakistan. Now its imperative that through some manageable means, the ruling elite is not only dislodged but held accountable for every penny that they plundered. Here I expect SC to come forward and play its role.

    The details are given in my article

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