Pakistan: Key Economic Indicators getting from bad to worse

Current account deficit (CAD) during January 2023 was reported at US$242 million as compared to US$290 million in December 2022.

Trade deficit during the month under review was down 11%MoM to US$1.7 billion.

Imports dropped by 7% to US$3.9 billion and exports were down 4% to US$2.2 billion.

A 17%MoM decrease of in CAD is mainly attributed to lower trade deficit of goods.

Remittances declined by 10%MoM to US$1.9 billion. This is likely due to global economic slowdown and difference between Interbank and Open Market/Kerb rates.

Foreign exchange reserves of the country in January 2023 were down 23%MoM to US$8.7 billion.

The reserves held by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) were down 45%MoM to US$3.1 billion.

CPI inflation in January 2023 surged to 27.6% as against 24.5% in December 2022.

Pakistan total debt & liabilities in 2QFY23 clocked in at 85.18% as % of GDP vs. 84.28% same period last year.

On other hand, external debt & liabilities increased to 38.15% in 2QFY23 vs 37.62% in 2QFY22.


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