Pakistan’s antagonized neighbors

Pakistan-and-its-neighborsIn the recent past, I have posted a few blogs highlighting that Pakistan’s tweaked foreign policy is pushing it towards isolation. This morning I sat down once again to look at the map that is attached with this post. It looked like a crystal ball telling me the following:

  • Pakistan’s relationships with three of its neighbors having common border are highly strangulated.
  • The incumbent government claims enjoying most cordial relationship with distant friends.
  • United States, China and Saudi Arabia have immense influence on Pakistan’s foreign policy.
  • Russia is also entering Pakistan by offering expertise in oil and gas exploration.

A question arises is being subservient to the global and regional super powers yielding any benefit to Pakistan? My immediate and honest reply is a big NO. The reasons are:

  • Pakistan has been fighting proxy US war in Afghanistan but also being the worst victim of terrorism.
  • Sunni-Shia breach being extended by clerics receiving financial support from outside.
  • The US, despite being one of the largest investors in China, does not approve Pak-China relationship.
  • Afghanistan is being used for cross-border infiltration by India and its supported rebel groups.
  • CPEC is being made a controversy by the nationalist, more appropriately rebel groups supported by outsiders.
  • Pakistan has not been able to establish banking links with Iran over last nine-month after withdrawal of sanctions due to external pressure.
  • Pakistan has not been able to accept the Iranian offer of electricity and gas officially, despite getting small supplies in areas adjoining border.
  • Iran-Pakistan broader remaining closed for days in the aftermath of border conflicts.

There has been uneven distribution of wealth in the country. Rich are getting richer and poor getting poorer. While elites are busy in minting money the poor are busy in making both ends meet. The nation is being fragmented and hate is being spread to push the country into anarchy.






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