Pakistan Must Opt for Oil for Food

While the United States continues to say that Iran is busy in production of nuclear warheads, it hasn’t come up with any credible proof. Many doubt it is a hoax call like presence of Osama in Afghanistan and Iraq busy in production of weapons of mass destruction.
The growing perception is the United States considers Iran a hurdle in creation of its hegemony in the region, the major supply of crude oil.
There is also growing feeling among Pakistanis that due to the US pressure the ruling junta the country had already stopped buying oil from Iran, construction of Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline being delayed and even supply of wheat in exchange for being put on hold. Even in the worst scenario ‘oil for food’ program was followed in Iraq.

The United States has exempted seven countries, 10 member countries of European Union and no mention has been made of China.
The US fully aware that Pakistan’s GDP growth is being pegged due to looming energy crisis and the country needs low cost energy products immediately. However, Pakistan is not being allowed crude oil, gas and electricity from Iran.
The time has come Pakistanis should assert themselves and convince the US that buying energy products from Iran bodes well for Pakistan. If India can pay Iran in Rupee, Pakistan should be allowed to buy energy products from Iran against supply of wheat.


  1. This was my first blog. I am amazed that after eleven months I am still talking about the same because we have not succeeded in convincing ourselves. Nawaz Shariff oppsed IP only because its credit will go to Asif Ali Zardari, meaning politics is more important than country

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