Pakistan: Election and Bloodshed Threat

In my various blogs I have highlighted involvement of foreign hands in sabotage and killings. I have also been saying that the perpetrators are getting arms and funds from abroad and their only objective is to plunge the country into anarchy and then to civil war.
I have also highlighted threat of bloodshed during general elections scheduled for 11thMay 2013. My opinion was based on fast changing local and regional political landscape in which the so called rebels are funded and supplied arms by those who wish to create their hegemony in South Asia, Middle East and North Africa. 

Prior to the commencement of election campaign in Pakistan, experts had expressed apprehensions that corner meeting of politicians may come under terrorist attacks. These apprehensions have started coming true as meeting of ANP, PML-N and MQM have been attacked, resulting in killing of political leaders and injury of dozens of people. 

Attacks on ANP leaders and followers were anticipated, because Taliban had done this earlier. In fact ANP’s participation in coalition government at federal and provincial levels was not liked by those who prefer to call themselves Taliban. They have been challenging writ of the government at federal as well as provincial levels. They have emerged the worst opponents of ANP and MQM who enjoy support of their vote banks in KP and Sindh. 

It is on record that Taliban had expressed their determination to free Karachi from the hostage of MQM, may be they have the same sentiments for ANP. However, it has been expressed repeatedly that religious extremists enjoy very cordial relationship with the PML-N. Taliban animosity with ANP and MQM is not a secret, especially because both the parties have been condemning the attitude of Taliban. In fact no civilized person can endorse killing of innocent people. It becomes all the more disgusting when women and children come under attacks. 

Taliban don’t consider most of the Pakistanis ‘good practicing Muslims’ and just want to punish them. In Karachi MQM has emerged the biggest opponent of killing of people on the basis of religious faith. Taliban-MQM rift became more intense when the later decided to support Hazaras. In fact one of the leaders of MQM, Manzar Imam was assassinated soon after he played a key role in organizing protest rallies against killing of Hazaras in Karachi. Taliban mistook him as Shia, whereas he was a Sunni. 

One of the conspiracy theories is that Taliban is ‘B’ team of CIA, which wants to create unrest in by propagating ‘Shia Sunni Conflict’ theory in Pakistan. In fact in Pakistan no one buys this trash as the motive of perpetrators has become evident, who have been killing Shias as well as Sunnis as they want to create a hupe that the two groups are blood thirsty. 

Some cynics term killing of political activist part of the conspiracy to defer general elections in Pakistan. Taliban know their weak position and just don’t expect their nominees or even supporters to win seats in general elections. Therefore, they wish to terrorize people and keep them away from casting their vote on the Election Day. Taliban seem to be supporters of those groups who also don’t want election to take place in Pakistan. 

One may ask who doesn’t want elections to be held on 11th May 2013. This is not diabolic thinking as whispers had started even before the interim set up was put in place. Rumors mongers have been talking about bloodshed in parts of Sindh, KP and Balochistan. Initially it was feared that nationalist parties of Sindh and Balochistan would boycott the election, but after Baloch leaders living in exile decided not only to take part in election but also reached Pakistan. 

If all the political parties of Pakistan decide to participate in the election process, it will be a big defeat of those who are resisting holding general elections in Pakistan. Opponents of general election know that the silent majority will decide the fate. Therefore, they are terrorizing people to keep them away from casting their vote.