SBP issues Ijara Sukuk Auction Notice

SBP oldOn Monday Pakistan’s central bank announced auction of 3-Year Government of Pakistan Ijara Sukuk (GIS) amounting to Rs100 billion. Maximum value of the asset under the present issuance program of the Ijara Sukuk is Rs315.083 billion.
The bids are to be submitted to the Director, Domestic Markets & Monetary Management Department (DMMD), State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Karachi by the designated Primary Dealers in accordance with the provisions of DMMD circular No.21 dated 09th December, 2015 (already placed at the website of SBP.
The central bank can reject bids without assigning any reason.


GoP Ijara Sukuk Auction Tender Notice

Amount in million Rupees)

Auction Date   Signing of subscription undertaking          Settlement Date             Auction Target

15 Dec 2015       16  Dec 2015                                                    18 Dec 2015                     100,000

1. Receipt of Tenders:                                          Up to the date of auction (11:15 hours)
2. Opening of tenders:                                         11:30 hours on the date of auction
3. Communication of result                                On the date of auction
4. 1st Rental Coupon                                            To be determined one day prior to the settlement date

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