Trading in Amreli Steel begins on 1st December 2015

amreli steelsTrading in the shares of Amreli Steel at Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) will commence from Tuesday 1st December 2015. All transactions taking place will be settled on T+2 basis from this date.
The first settlement date is Thursday 3rd December 2015.
The opening price will be Rs51/share determined through Book Building Process.
Normal Circuit Breakers will be applicable on the Opening price of shares in the Ready Market.
The Company has been allocated ASTL symbol and market lot size is 500 shares.
The Company will be quoted under ‘ENGINEERING’ Sector.
The shares of the Company have already been declared eligible security by the Central Depository Company (CDC).
All the transactions will be settled through National Clearing Company of Pakistan (NCCPL).
The Share Registrar of The Company is THK Associates (Pvt) Limited.

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