Pakistan: Another oil and gas discovery in Punjab

MPLOne of Pakistan leading oil and gas exploration and production company, Mari Petroleum Company Limited announced has struck another significant crude oil, condensate and natural gas discovery at Kalabagh well located in Karak block of Mianwali district, Punjab.

This joint venture in Karak is operated by Mari Petroleum with a 60% working interest and MOL having a 40% share. The discovery at Kalabagh-1A ST1 is the second for the company in the block in Datta, Samanasuk and Lockhart formations. Earlier, it made a major crude oil discovery in the block at Halini well-I in 2011.

During testing at Kalabagh well, gas and condensate flowed in the Datta formation at a rate of 3.3 million cubic feet per day (mmscfd) and 160 barrels per day respectively.

The well was also successfully tested in the Samanasuk formation where gas and condensate flowed at a rate of 4.68 mmscfd and 180 barrels per day. In the Lockhart formation, crude oil flowed at a rate of 500 barrels per day.

Additionally, the company is drilling third exploratory well Halini Deep-I in the block, which is currently at the depth of 5,669 meters and is amongst the very few wells being drilled down to such deep depth.



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