Can Pakistan stock market fall be stopped?

In the recent past, Pakistan stock market has plunged in an unprecedented manner. Some analysts say, ‘it is reflection of the overall state of country’s economy’. Others term it the outcome of geopolitical strangulations. There is also a growing perception that ever since, Imran Khan became Prime Minister of Pakistan, expectations of people have been marred by wrong priorities, bad decisions and on top of all wasting time on non-issues rather than focusing on key issues and taking steps that could boost GDP growth rate. People believe that his biggest failure is ‘inordinate delay’ in concluding deal with International Monetary Fund (IMF). Around the world, entering into an IMF program is considered ‘certificate of fitness of the economy of the country’. The IMF bailout package may be small, but paves way for disbursement of funds by other multilateral financial institutions. To read details please click

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