Smart phones affecting house hunting in Pakistan

LamudipkModern technology has brought a major shift in the way people perform their daily activities, executing complicated tasks has become easy by using smart phones. While great potential exists in almost any field in Pakistan, local population has not been able to take fullest advantage of smart phones when it comes to buying/selling the real estate. Buyers at present can exercise many of the available options to choose a preferred property simply by using their smart phones at any time and from anywhere.

With the recent introduction of 3G and 4G services to Pakistan and internet users at approximately 30 million, more and more businesses are taking advantage of this by providing services online which includes real estate and house hunting., Pakistan’s number one real estate website has taken this to its advantage as it aims to provide customers with the ideal location or house to live in by bringing real estate agents and buyers together online. recently launched its mobile application on both Android and iOS which enables users of both platforms to be able to choose their ideal place to live in at the comfort of their homes or when on the go using their smart phones.

Such real estate mobile applications enable the customers to use a specific search criterion to fetch the required data such as houses to buy or rent providing detailed information about these along with pictures which makes it an almost virtual experience in choosing the perfect home. Considering that a number of results show up when such a search is performed, it gives the customers the opportunity to compare these real estate listings and to be able to choose whichever one they find suitable. This does away with the hassle of visiting multiple real estate agents and properties and instead gives one the opportunity to make this decision at his/her own comfort.

Google reveals that presently there are roughly 15 million smart phone users in Pakistan and seeing such figures, more and more businesses are realizing the growing potential in Pakistan. One such global tech incubator is Rocket Internet which has launched a number of portals which enable customers to be able to purchase goods and services by using the mobile apps introduced by these portals such as Therefore, this has completely transformed the way real estate runs in Pakistan by enabling such transactions to happen online using smart phones.

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