Pakistan: Installing an Interim Setup

One completely fails to understand why is installing a caretaker taking extraordinarily long time? A caretaker government is put in place to oversee fair, free and transparent general elections in the country. There is a growing perception ‘Too many hands are spoiling the curry’.

One wonders why no consensus can be developed on a person in a country that has a population of nearly 200 million people? It seems completely frustrating that those made responsible for finalizing the name of caretaker prime minister could not agree on one name.

Isn’t a single trust worthy person in the country or an alien will come and occupy the PM House and rule the country during this interim period?

To be honest there are millions of good people in Pakistan who have the capacity and courage to run this country, which is often termed a failed state, even better than those who claim to be the whiz kids.

Though, I hate to say this but just can’t resist without saying this, “They are unable to agree on a name, which has the qualities of being ‘the most obedient servant’.

Ironically, they have pressure from inside as well as outside, which is an undeniable reality. Though, many may not accept but the name has to be acceptable to political leaders, establishment, National Security Council and the list may continue.

Added to this is the pressure from United States which also wants a man of confidence, simply because withdrawal of US-led Nato forces has started from Afghanistan and soldiers and hardware has to pass through Pakistan.

Selection of an interim government would have been much easier had there been no groups having vested interests. The situation becomes real difficult because Uncle Sam has to play the most decisive role.

Some of the fanatic Pakistanis may ask, what could be the potential role of the sole surviving super power in the politics of a third world country suffering from too many contentious problems?

However, only those who have seen planes of President Zia ul Haq and Air Chief Musif Ali Meer blowing up can see the gravity of the situation and repercussion of any decision that offends imperialists and warmongers.

Pakistan is not alone, such accidents have also been taking place in other countries, just to remind killing of Indra Ghandhi and her sons in India, Shaikh Mujeeb in Bangladesh, Qaddafi in Libya, Mrs. Aquino in Philippines and Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan and the list can continues.

It is also difficult to refute that ‘change of regime movements’ in many countries of Middle East, North Africa and other regions are also funded by the external elements.

The much talked about ‘rebels’ are provided funds, arms and media coverage by the ’embedded journalists’. The point to be remembered is that those nations which were strong i.e. Vietnam survived even the worst assaults because of their unity.

Pakistan’s enemies have already fragmented the nation into ethnic and sectarian groups. The killers are killing people belonging to different groups, only to show that Pakistan is plunging deep into anarchy.

Though, those having vested interests are also playing the same mantra, general public can still identify the perpetrators. The only regret is that law enforcing agencies often fail in arresting the perpetrators and even if a few are rounded up, most of the accused are acquitted due to lack of evidence.

General public often feel that politicians have common objectives, top most being coming into power. In case they fail to get enough votes, they level rigging charges.

Citizens often complain that ‘undesirable’ candidates are elected. However, they tend to forget that on Election Day either they go for picnic or prefer to stay at homes, but just don’t bother to cast their votes.

The result is obvious, parties that can pull out voters from their home, offer them food and transport often succeed in filling the ballot boxes.

Unless the educated elites that prefer to keep quiet and take no part in demonstrations and sits in, convince tehmselves to exercise their power, the business will continue as usual.