GoP ripping off CNG Consumers

A controversy is going on regarding fair price of CNG.
Cost of gas                                                             Rs28.65
Taxes                                                                         20.50
Cost                                                                           49.15
Operating cost of CNG stations                                 21.00
Amount to be charged from consumer                      70.15
Price fixed by apex court                                            54.16
Loss incurred by CNG stations                             Rs15 .99

Based on the data provided by CNG stations they are incurring a loss of Rs16/kg.

Despite the fact that one does not have the authentic information, it is clear that that GoP is collecting total Rs21/kg taxes.

Ideally the GoP must immediately withdraw Gas infrastructure Development Tax amounting to Rs10.95/kg.

Gas infrastructure (transmission and distribution infrastructure) is owned by exploration and production and gas marketing companies and not the GoP.


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