Byco SPM facility receives first shipload

Ever since this blog started I have been talking about problems being faced by Pakistan’s energy sector. Today, I am extremely delighted to talk about a new facility which is a proof of confidence of investors in the country.

Byco has achieved yet another historic milestone by bringing the first ever oil tanker carrying 70,000 tons crude oil from Abu Dahbi to its newly established deep sea single point mooring (SPM) facility.

In the initial stages, the SPM shall be used to handle crude oil for Byco’s newly completed 120,000 bpd and the existing fully operative smaller refinery of 35,000 bpd.    

This marks the commissioning of 3rd port which will be used for import of crude oil and petroleum products. With a clear draft of 25 meters this facility can accommodate larger size vessels carrying crude oil/POL in cargo sizes of over 100,000 tons.

The full operation of SPM will create adequate availability of other oil piers leading to reduced waiting time and consequential demurrage.

Presently imported crude oil/POL products are being handled at Karachi and Bin Qasim ports. Both these ports have a draft limitation and as such cannot accommodate larger ships.

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