SSGC makes defaulters’ names public

In its quest to recover Company’s massive outstanding dues of Rs. 79 billion, Sui Southern Gas Company initiated stern action against defaulting customers by disconnecting their gas supplies. Majority of these defaulters have already been disconnected whereas hundreds of disconnections are being conducted on daily basis.
The company has also decided to publicize the names of these defaulters through media under six major customer categories i.e. industrial-bulk, industrial, government, bulk, commercial and domestic. Listed below are the top 5 defaulting customers of each of above mentioned six customer categories;

Industrial-Bulk Customers: (Total Outstanding = Rs. 64,612.162 million)

Top-5 defaulters: KESC (Rs. 46,013.890 m), WAPDA(Rs. 3,282.360 m), Pakistan Steel(Rs. 13,434.521 m), DHA Desalination Plant, Karachi (Rs. 1,168.020 m) and Habibullah Coastal Power, Balochistan (Rs. 713.371 m).

Industrial Customers: (Total Outstanding = Rs. 328.013 million)

Top-5 defaulters: Colourital (Pvt.) Ltd., Karachi, (Rs. 90.536 m), Dewan Textiles, Hyderabad (Rs. 86.345 m), Afroze Textile Industries, Karachi (Rs. 72.279 m), Bhittai CNG Station, Karachi (Rs. 44.626 m) and Dewan Mushtaq Textiles, Hyderabad (Rs. 34.226 m).

Government Customers:(Total Outstanding = Rs. 56.649 million)

Top-5 defaulters: Bolan Medical Complex, Quetta (Rs. 20.020 m), Sandaman Civil Hospital, Quetta (Rs. 11.523 m), University of Karachi (Rs. 8.938 m), Superintendant District Jail, Quetta (Rs. 8.921 m) and Sh. Zaid Women Hospital, Larkana (Rs. 7.247 m).

Bulk Customers: (Total Outstanding = Rs. 33.265 million)

Top-5 defaulters: Fazal Textiles, Hyderabad (Rs. 11.570 m), Superintendent Central Prison, Hyderabad (Rs. 11.531 m), Residence Colony Paramount Spinning Mills, Kotri, (Rs. 4.052 m), Barrage Colony,Tando M. Khan (Rs. 3.273 m) and ATF Complex, Eastern By-pass Road, Quetta (Rs. 2.840 m).

Commercial Customers: (Total Outstanding = Rs. 16.730 million)

Top-5 defaulters: Deedar Hussain Janwiri, Larkana (Rs. 5.939 m), Abdul Farooq, Hyderabad (Rs. 3.664 m), Zulfiqar Ali Mawa Bathi, Nawabshah (Rs. 2.864 m), Muhammad Khan, Karachi (Rs. 2.210 m) and Madina Al-Sadaat Hotel, Karachi (Rs. 2.053 m).

Domestic Customers: (Total Outstanding = Rs. 14.172 million)

Top-5 defaulters: Abdul Latif, House # R-32, Shah Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz Colony, Sector 16-A, North Karachi (Rs. 3.121 m), Rais Ahmad, House # R-1, ST-21/1, Sector 16-A, North Karachi (Rs. 3.058 m), Muhammad Kazim, Tawas Khan Lane # 13, Baloch Khan Chowk, Muhallah Salam Road, Quetta (Rs. 3.041 m), Hafiz Nazar Muhammad, Village Ali Abad, Bakrani Taluka, Dokri (Rs. 2.489 m) and Abdul Gafar Unar, Village Ali Abad, Bakrani Takula, Dokri (Rs. 2.464 m).

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